REINO Capital is a listed holding company that owns a group of entities engaged in investments and fund management on the commercial property market.

REINO Capital’s long-term business development concept is centred on the commercial real estate market. At the same time, we will be developing the group by adding service providers that supplement our competences on the property market and in other asset classes, particularly in investments in businesses. The performance of our operations is strongly correlated to their scale. Our strategic objective is to grow the value of our assets under management.

Implementing this concept will involve bringing licensed entities into the group, particularly entities with permits for offering securities and managing funds in specific asset classes. The following options are being contemplated: investment fund company, entity operating in a foreign jurisdiction as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), brokerage firm or entity being an agent for an investment firm (AFI).

REINO Capital strives to hold a majority position in all of its companies of significance to the aforementioned concept. This is of crucial importance both from the viewpoint of consolidation and control as well as impact on the development of each company’s business in line with the entire group’s concept and strategy.

REINO Capital is a holding company the value of which grows based on growth in the value of each portfolio company. Dividends paid out by subsidiaries will also constitute a source of revenue for the Company.

As a holding company, REINO Capital serves as a shared services centre for all subsidiaries, the scope of which encompasses areas of key significance to the entire group, such as business development, compliance, finance, accounting and human resources. In addition, REINO Capital can serve as investor in investment vehicles for which portfolio companies serve as manager or adviser.


16 March 2022

REINO on its way to the highest ESG standards

REINO – a pioneer in ESG-focused real estate asset management – has taken the next step to improve all its processes in the field of environmental, social and corporate responsibility.  The company has created the new…