The capital Group

REINO Partners Sp. z o.o.

A professional and independent company specialized in real estate investment management, as well as providing strategic and transaction advisory services; the company acts as a manager or advisor for the funds REINO Dywidenda FIZ,  as well as REINO Dywidenda Plus Sp. z o.o. , investment vehicles with real estate with a total value of approximately EUR 130 million… read more

REINO Dywidenda Plus Sp. z o.o.

A commercial real estate vehicle, first established in a model reflecting the best practices of REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust); after the completion of the investment in the Alchemia I office building in Gdańsk, and the company remains a minority shareholder in the Luxembourg Fund owning  Malta House  (an office property in Poznań with a fixed income of approximately EUR 40 million)

REINO Capital Group structure chart


The long-term strategy of REINO Capital's business development assumes further expansion of the holding by developement of:

  • competences and experience related to the real estate market, in particular in the area related to the implementation of development projects
  • the composition of a holding company for companies with competences and experience in investing in asset classes other than real estate, in particular in the field of venture capital (VC)
  • composition of the holding company with key companies from the point of view of attracting investors (brokerage house) and asset management (entity with the AIFM statute, Alternative Investment Fund Manager).


16 March 2022

REINO on its way to the highest ESG standards

REINO – a pioneer in ESG-focused real estate asset management – has taken the next step to improve all its processes in the field of environmental, social and corporate responsibility.  The company has created the new…